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What if the secret to living a life of Simcha was actually a formula?

Turns out, over two decades of scientific research have been dedicated to uncovering what enables people to live vibrant, thriving lives. When you combine their findings with the knowledge and wisdom of Torah and Kabbalah, the results are completely transformative. And now it's your turn to discover the tools you need to finally create the success, happiness, and fulfillment you've been searching for.


  • the formula for living a life of Simcha, based on Torah sources and scientific studies, both broken down in a way that's easy to understand *and implement* 
  • how to take back the reins to your life through simple, proven tools for managing your thoughts, shifting your emotions, and inspiring your actions
  • simple tweaks you can make to your schedule, your life outlook and your daily habits that can lead to dramatic and measurable increases to your well-being
  • ...and so much more!

Rucheli Berry
Certified Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner and Torah-Based Educator, Speaker, and Coach



[Recordings available to registered participants.]

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It’s time to live your life on purpose! See what others have said about this workshop:

"This program increased my awareness of my motives and patterns of action. I learned to transform negative thoughts. I am grateful for the group work with the other members and my facilitator. I’m inspired by all the practices I now possess."

-Olga A.

"We learned various simple and fun ways to manage anxiety and stress and achieved a greater sense of self-awareness and acceptance. It was a life-changing experience!"

- Jean P.

"I loved learning the research behind each practice. The exercises were really helpful."

- Sarah G.

"Simple exercises we did, honest conversations we had, and the faith we had in each other was an incredible source of inspiration during this time in my life."

- Anna G.

Isn't it time you learned tools that are both sourced in Torah AND scientifically proven to help you live the life you know you're capable of? That starts here.

"It makes a difference to know that the practices are proven. The atmosphere in the group was positive and supportive." –Olga S.

"It was great to participate in group activities with an open group of people. The opening and closing mediation, and the facilitator's presentation were helpful!" –Louise R.

"I appreciated gaining skills to make my reactions to people more meaningful and positive." –Leah G.