Ready to Build and Scale Your Spiritual Business WITHOUT the Tech Headaches?

Let's get you "unstuck" from the nitty-gritty tech stuff in your online business and back to your aligned center of genius

Hi, I'm Rucheli, your new tech expert! I help spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches, and course creators like you DITCH the tech headaches and overwhelm so you can create the impact and income you know you're meant for while also keeping business fun, light, easy, and aligned. Whether you need done-for-you templates, done-with-you support, or VIP Tech Services, I'll help you offload your tech troubles and create a strategy that scales... because you started a business to help people, not deal with computers all day, right?!


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You're Here to Change People's Lives.
I'm Here to Help.

If you're a spiritual coach, course creator, healer, or change-maker, I can help you STOP worrying about the tech, systems, and automation that you need to run and scale your business.

Because let's be real... tech (yes, even Canva and Kajabi) can be overwhelming and confusing if you aren't a "techie" like I am, I get it. But the thing is, if you're running an online business and don't have a coherent tech strategy and someone dedicated to handling that for you, you're asking for a tech headache... hellooooo launch issues, "Mercury in Retrograde" problems, and ultimately lost money and impact.

The good news? You don’t need to do this on your own. I've got your back (and over 14 years of actual engineering experience at some of the top tech companies in the world), which means that you can be sure you will never have to worry about tech again.

Welcome to my corner of the internet, where I help you develop a tech strategy that eliminates the overwhelm and I give you the tips, tools, templates, and training you need to never feel "stuck" in your business again.

Don't want to think about it at all? Get in touch about my VIP Services and I'll take care of all of the behind-the-scenes tech pieces (aka all of the "not fun" stuff you've been dealing with lately) that make up what we call the "tech stack" of an online business, done FOR you.

The result? You focus on your dharma, your zone of genius, and the impact you're meant to have on the world. You get to forget about the tech, feel aligned and on fire with your purpose... and while you're out there changing the world and having fun, I’ll be taking care of every tech aspect of your business, so that you don’t have to.

(Don't worry, I'll have fun too, because I love this stuff!)

So... if you're ready to spend more time creating impact and less time banging your head against a keyboard, then let's get started!


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Get all of the templates and tech support you need to get your business online so you can start making impact and income WITHOUT the tech headaches and overwhelm.


Leverage Technology To Scale In A Quick AND Aligned Way

Ready to take back your time and headspace and get the support you need to make the most of technology in your business? This "Done With You" option is perfect for those not quite ready to invest in my VIP Tech Services.


Maximize My Impact and Income with VIP Done-in-a-Day Services

If you want to completely offload the tech stress in your business, this is for you. With my VIP Day packages, I'll get all of your, Kajabi, or ActiveCampaign to-dos DONE for you!




  • Mom of 4 Objectively Cute Kids
  • Has a literal degree in efficiency (Systems Engineering)
  • Career as a software engineer at top tech companies
  • Ran a career coaching online biz for 4 years
  • Side passions in Psychology & Quantum Physics
  • Runs her biz & life according to Kabbalistic lunar cycles

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Hi, I'm Rucheli

Wife, Mom, Coffee Lover, Hiking Addict, Consciousness Seeker, and Software Engineer turned Tech Expert for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

If you had told me when I was in school for engineering that I'd actually end up as an entrepreneur helping other online entrepreneurs put themselves out into the Universe, I would have thought you were completely crazy...

And yet after an entire career as a Support and Implementation Engineer at some of the top tech startups in Silicon Valley, where I've helped thousands of people from college kids to Fortune 100 CTOs implement some of the most complicated technology on the planet... there is nothing I'd rather do with all of that technical know-how than help people like you ditch the overwhelm so you can start and scale businesses that make the world a better place.

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