If you're looking to turn your passion for making the world a better place into more than just an expensive hobby without having to deal with all of the "techie" stuff, you're in the right place.

Hey there, I'm Rucheli!

Wife, Mom, Coffee Lover, Hiking Addict, Consciousness Seeker, and Software Engineer turned Tech Expert for Spiritual Coaches & Healers

If you had told me when I was in school for engineering that I'd actually end up as an entrepreneur helping other spiritual entrepreneurs put themselves out into the Universe, I'd have thought you were crazy...

And yet after an entire career as a Support and Implementation Engineer at some of the top tech startups in Silicon Valley, where I helped thousands of people from college kids to Fortune 100 CTOs implement some of the most complicated technology on the planet... there is nothing I'd rather be doing with all of that technical know-how than helping people like you ditch the tech overwhelm so you can start and scale businesses that make the world a better place.

How It Started

It all started when this kid was born, because in reality, I went to school for engineering, but not tech. I actually have a degree in industrial, manufacturing, and systems engineering... in other words, I literally have a degree in making things more efficient. Useful, right?!

Except that it meant usually working in factories with strict shift schedules, 'meh' benefits, and non-existent flexibility. Soooo when my oldest was born, I was looking for something different. I taught myself how to code (in all my spare time between nursing sessions) and started looking for one of those new-fangled "tech" jobs with all of the amazing benefits and work-from-home flexibility. And I found one!

And so began an amazing career in the tech industry, working for some of the top multi-billion dollar startups. I was great at my job and rose quickly, tripling my salary in the first six years and constantly not only helping our customers, but also newer Support Engineers, learn the ropes of new technology and get ramped up quickly and painlessly.

I built a "dream career" for myself so fast that I had tons of friends, then acquaintances, and then total strangers asking me how I did it.

Which led me to right where you are: starting my own business to teach people what I knew about how to make their lives better.

Here's What I Learned:

In the four years that I ran a career coaching business helping women switch their skills into the tech industry the way that I did, I learned a TON from some of the top online business mentors.

I soaked up everything out there about running an online business, course, membership, and community... and with my systems-oriented brain and the fact that I can implement technology practically in my sleep, I was able to immediately put it all into action... without outsourcing anything but the repetitive manual tasks that I just didn't feel like doing.

While others in the business coaching groups I was part of seemed to be struggling to string the tech pieces together, I quickly ramped up to consistent 5-figure launches without too much effort... all while still working a 9-5 job and then also having multiple kids at home during a pandemic. ūüėÖ

But a few years in, as my passion for the tech industry started to fade, I found myself wondering... what next?

Going From Tech Industry

To Spiritual Tech Expert

Since you're here, I'm guessing you know as well as (or probably even better than) I do that the answers to all of the important questions in life are all within us, right?

So after I shut my career coaching business down and was having trouble deciding what to do next, I turned to the place I knew I could depend on for inspiration: silence.

Over the last few years, I've spent just as much time working on myself as on my business.... I've been deepening my own mystical connection to my Jewish roots through the study of Kabbalah, adding in more general spiritual guidance from inspiring modern leaders, and then topping it off with NLP training and a certificate in applied positive psychology.

So it wasn't really a surprise when just a few days after my youngest here was born, my intuition told me where I was headed next...

I got a clear-as-day download that I was going to combine my technical expertise with both my personal spirituality and my obsession with making the world a better place.

I knew that it was time for me to help the people that are out in the world helping people... so they can help even more people.

And as they say, the rest is history.

Now It's My Turn To Help You

After all those twists and turns, now I get to do just about the coolest thing ever... help spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and change-makers, people who aren't as "techie" as I am, ditch the tech headaches, outsource the overwhelm, and get everything they need to finally step into the possibility of impacting people's lives, changing the world, and making tons of money doing it.

In other words, it's my job is to keep tech fun, light, and easy for you!

So if you're ready to stop banging your head against the keyboard and make more progress with the tech side of your business in ONE DAY than you've made in the last three months... then it's time to let me help you align your technology with your mission.

Let's get to work!

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